Winesburg, Ohio


Andersonville Prison: The carpenter ("Book of the Grotesques") had been there during the Civil War.

Tony Tip: Wesley Moyer's bay stallion which had won the two-fifteen trot in Cleveland.

Paper Pills: Dr. Reefy bunched up pieces of paper on which he wrote thoughts, and kept them in his pocket.

Sylvester West's Cat: Abner Groff would throw sticks and glass at it.

Big Four: Railroad company for which the brother of Dr. Parcival ("The Philospher") worked.

Will Overton's Berry Field: George Willard met with Louise Trunnion here. ("Nobody Knows")

Lamb: Jesse Bentley and David Hardy ("Godliness") tied a lamb born out of season and Jesse sacrificed it.

Slingshot: David hit Jesse with a rock using a slingshot.

Standard Oil Company: Joe Welling ("A Man of Ideas") worked for this company as a sales agent.

Medina County: County that bordered Winesburg. Joe Welling mentioned that he knew it rained there because the Wine River was up.

Win Pawsey's Dog: Tom King ("A Man of Ideas") killed it with a stick.

Winney's Dry Goods Store: Alice Hindman ("Adventure") worked here.

Epworth League: Religious group which Alice Hindman joined.

Window: The window of the bell tower of the Presbyterian church had a design showing the Christ laying his hand upon the head of a child. Reverend Curtis Hartman watched out of this window.