Schindler's List

German Civilians

Oskar Schindler: Enigmatic German businessman who came to Poland to make a fortune but instead saved over 1,100 Jews from the horrors of the Holocaust. A complex hero, he was compulsively unfaithful and a heavy drinker, although he never was actually drunk. He had a gift for giving businesses a certain panache, although was unfit for actual work.

Emilie Schindler: Self-denying wife of Oskar Schindler who loved him even though he was unfaithful to her. She was a kind soul who helped the sick Schindlerjuden while at Brinnlitz.

Julius Madritsch: Kind German businessman who also helped to save Jews. He ran a uniform company inside the Plaszow camp. He refused to enter in Schindler's plan with Brinnlitz because he did not believe that it would not work. He nevertheless was very helpful.

Victoria Klonowska: Polish mistress of Oskar Schindler. She worked as his secretary.

Ingrid: German mistress of Oskar Schindler. She was the Treuhander at DEF.

Raimund Titsch: Office manager at Julius Madritsch's uniform factory.

Tadeus Pankiewicz: Polishman who ran an apothecary on Plac Zgody. He was the only Christian allowed to live inside of the ghetto.

Majola: Amon Goeth's mistress. She used her influence over Amon to prevent him from being excessively cruel to Helen Hirsch.

Sedlacek: Austrian dentist and courier for a Zionist rescue organization in Budapest.

Toebbens: German employer of Jews whom Heinrich Himmler busted.

Hans Schindler: Oskar Schindler's father. He was much like his son: he left his wife. Oskar enjoyed that, at the height of his success, his father only employed fifty people, while Oskar employed far more.

Louisa Schindler: Oskar Schindler's mother, mistreated like Emilie Schindler.

Elfriede Schindler: Oskar Schindler's sister.

Walfried Winkler: German champion race car driver. Schindler beat him in a memorable race.

Kurt Henkelmann: Champion race car driver whom Schindler beat in a memorable race.

Annemarie: German woman with whom Oskar fell in love after the war.

German Military Personnel

Hauptsturmfuhrer Amon Goeth: SS Captain who was given control of Plaszow. He was an excessively cruel man who killed arbitrarily, yet still believed that he was an essentially good person. Like Schindler, he was a drunk and sexually voracious. He loved Helen Hirsch, yet still beat her.

Commandant Josef Liepold: SS leader in the Brinnlitz camp whom Schindler conspired to have transferred out of Brinnlitz. He was the only Brinnlitz SS leader capable of a mass slaughter of Jews. He was first at Budzyn, and was later hung for crimes against humanity that he had committed there.

Julian Scherner: Head of the SS in Cracow. Schindler hated him.

Hassebroeck: SS officer at Auschwitz who wanted Schindler to open a camp in Brinnlitz because it would be an expansion of his 'empire.'

Josef Mengele: Auschwitz doctor feared for the medical inspections that he gave.

Franz Bosch: World War I veteran who managed various workshops in Cracow. Schindler hated him.

Rolf Czurda: Head of the SD in Cracow. Oskar Schindler personally despised him.

Ernst Hahn: SS leader who came to inspect the Brinnlitz plant. He did so while drunk, causing him to give high marks to Schindler's camp.

Albert Hujar: SS leader who supervised the construction of the barracks. He killed Diana Rieter for suggesting that changes be made to the construction.

Symche Spira: The OD chief.

Philip: SS man with whom Oskar shared a cell when he was arrested for kissing a Jew.

Rudolf Hoss: Master of Sophie in Sophie's Choice, he commanded Auschwitz.

Leo John: Cruel SS leader in Cracow.

Wilhelm Kunde: Led the Aktion in the ghetto.

Otto von Mallotke: Led the Aktion in the ghetto.

Untersturmfuhrer Brandt: SS second lieutenant who cruelly beat the Judenrat president, Artur Rosenzweig.

Jewish Prisoners

Itzhak Stern: Accountant for Oskar Schindler whom Schindler personally cared for. He was the accountant for Rekord before its bankruptcy, and continued to work for Oskar Schindler.

Poldek Pfefferberg: Former teacher and Plaszow prisoner who obtained black market goods for Oskar Schindler. He almost killed Schindler during their first meeting.

Helen Hirsch: Long suffering maid to Amon Goeth who suffered through intense abuse and constantly feared death. Her only driving passion was to keep her younger sister alive, for she felt that she was doomed.

Mietek Pemper: Amon Goeth's personal secretary who had a photographic memory and used it against Amon during his trial after the war.

Josef Bau: Jewish man who got married in Plaszow and feared being caught during his honeymoon.

Rebecca Tannenbaum Bau: Jewish woman who married Josef Bau and was Amon's manicurist.

Marcel Goldberg: Jew who put together the Schindler list.

Abraham Bankier: Jewish factory manager who almost was shipped off to a death camp.

Leopold Rosner: Jewish accordion player who often played for Amon Goeth.

Henry Rosner: Violin player who often played for Amon Goeth. He was forced to remain in a concentration camp away from his family in Brinnlitz.

Manci Rosner: Wife of Henry Rosner and mother of Olek.

Olek Rosner: Young son of Manci and Henry Rosner who was forced to remain in a concentration camp.

Diane Rieter: Jewish architect who was murdered for suggesting that the barracks would have to be dismantled, lest they collapse.

Wilek Chilowicz: Black market agent for Amon Goeth. Amon gave him a gun, charged him with having a weapon, and murdered him.

Dr. Felix Kantor: Liberal Jewish rabbi whom Schindler knew down in Zwittau.

Edek Reubenski: Jew who traveled with the Schindlers after they escaped from Brinnlitz.

Adam Garde: Young engineer with a crushed hand whom Oskar sent for to work at DEF.

Regina Perlman-Rodriguez: Jew with forged Aryan papers. She requested that Schindler bring her parentss to work at Amalia

Juda Dresner: Optimistic woman who believed that the ghetto may have been the bottommost point.

Danka Dresner: Fourteen year old girl who got a job cleaning at the Luftwaffe air base.

Genia: Three year old girl who loved to wear the color red. She watched the slaughter of Jews during the Aktion.

Kucharska: Young girl that Oskar Schindler kissed during his thirty-fourth birthday party.

Niusia Horowitz: Little girl that Oskar Schindler kissed during his thirty-fourth birthday party.

Max Redlicht: Liberal Jew who was shot for refusing to spit on a parchment Torah scroll during an Aktion.

Dr. Idek Schindel: Uncle of Red Genia.

Dr. Alexander Biberstein: Jewish prisoner who estimated that the Jews only received 1,100 calories a day.

Dr. H: Doctor who had his infirm patients commit suicide to avoid a more painful death by the SS.

Dr. Rosalie Blau: Jewish doctor whom Hujar shot.

Marek Biberstein: President of the Judenrat

David Gutter: President of the Judenrat

Mina Pfefferberg: Interior designer and wife of Poldek.

Lisiek: Goeth's 19 year old orderly. He was killed for failing to ask for permission to saddle a horse for an SS officer and failing to properly clean his bath tub.