Character List

Dr. McTeague: Docile, obedient, slow-witted former coal miner who lived in San Francisco and practiced as a dentist. McTeague greatly loved Trina Sieppe, whom he married, but her greed caused the marriage to fall apart and McTeague to turn to violence. The items that McTeague valued most were his concertina, canary and cage, portrait of Lorenzo de Medici, stone pug dog, and gilded tooth.

Trina Sieppe McTeague: Daughter of a German-Swiss family whom Marcus Schouler courted until he realized that McTeague loved her more. She won five thousand dollars in a lottery, and invested the money so that none of it could be taken and used. She became progressively more greedy as the story progressed. Eventually, she is murdered because she refused to give McTeague money for food.

Marcus Schouler: The only close friend to McTeague. He worked with Old Grannis in a veterinary hospital, but was not good at his job. He wanted to go in on a ranch with somebody, but could never find a suitable person. He became insanely jealous when Trina's lottery ticket, which he could have bought, won. He became belligerent towards McTeague and even attempted to murder him. He had a superficial knowledge of politics and liked to flaunt his knowledge.

Maria Miranda Macapa: Latina woman who lived in McTeague's building. She was a crazy woman who loved to collect junk and sell it to Zerkow, whom she later marries. She also loved to tell stories about a set of gold plates that she once owned in Central America. The truth to this story is questionable. Zerkow kills Maria for refusing to tell her where the plates are located.

Old Grannis: Elderly man who lived in McTeague's building. Old Grannis was an Englishman with a stately manner. He had a secret passion for Miss Baker, who lived across the hall. However, he never spoke to her because of an acute fear.

Miss Baker: Retired dressmaker who lived in McTeague's building. She loved Old Grannis, although she too would not admit her feelings because of similar reasons. She would become nervous whenever introduced to Old Grannis. She was Trina's only friend after her marriage to McTeague.

Mr. Sieppe: Military man from a German-Swiss family who ruled his family with a dictatorial flair. He was very strict with all of his children, especially his young son, August. He later moved with his family to Southern California. He is Catholic.

Mrs. Sieppe: Mother of Trina. She did not have the military flair of her husband, but did share in his strict discipline, especially with August. She is Lutheran.

August Sieppe: Younger brother of Trina. He was mistreated by both of his parents. For example, his parents screamed at him when his tin toy steamboat exploded and he was yelled at during the theatre.

Selina: She was Trina's cousin and the object of Marcus Schouler's desire after he gave up Trina. She had a gift for playing the piano.

Cribbens: Man that McTeague meets in the mining country while trying to escape from the police. They go prospecting for gold together, and miraculously find it.

The Other Dentist: Dentist who had a minor competition with McTeague. He offered to buy the gold tooth from him after McTeague lost his dental license. He was a wearer of marvelous waistcoats.

Zerkow: Red-headed Polish Jew who ran a pawn shop in San Francisco. Maria would often sell him things that the other tenants would throw out. He married Maria because of her stories about the gold plates, and later murdered her when he realized that she no longer had them.

Uncle Oelbermann: Uncle of Trina. He had a toy shop in Sacramento, and was Trina's only source of income. She received interest from the five thousand dollars that she invested in his business, and made a small bit of money from carving Noah's Ark animals for him.

Joe Frenna: Saloonkeeper. He ran the bar that McTeague and Marcus frequented.

Heise: Harness maker and friend of McTeague. He had a lame wife.

Augustine: French woman and former laundress whom the McTeagues hired to cook supper.

Mrs. Ryer: Acquaintance of the McTeagues who told them that the house that they bought had water standing in the basement.

Vanovitch: Plumber who was to be McTeague's last dental appointment.

Ryer: Secretary of the Polk Street Improvement Club, Policeman, and friend of McTeague.

Important Items:

Lottery Ticket: Maria sold Trina a lottery ticket that won five thousand dollars.

Gold Tooth: French gilded tooth that Trina bought for McTeague before their wedding. It was the only item that McTeague desired in the world.

Canary: This was one of McTeague's favorite possessions and the only one that Trina let him keep. He took this canary and cage with him even when he escaped from San Francisco.

Concertina: This was one of McTeague's only prized possessions. McTeague played six mournful airs on this concertina. Trina sold it to a music store that McTeague would later work for.

Stone Dog: Pug dog that was one of McTeague's only prized possessions. It was sold to make money for the McTeagues.

Alexander: Marcus's dog. He would have vicious barking battles with another dog, but when face to face with it, would not fight.

Portrait: Picture of Lorenzo de' Medici that hung in McTeague's office. It was sold to make money for the McTeagues.

"I'm Grandma" and "I'm Grandpa:" These were two children's pictures that were hung in the McTeague's apartment.

"Faith:" Lithograph of two little blonde girls praying by their beds.

Marriage Certificate: This was hung on the wall in the McTeague's apartment.

Marriage Bouquet: This was hung on the wall in the McTeague's apartment. This was the only thing that wasn't sold in their sale.

Marriage Photograph: This was hung on the wall in the McTeague's apartment. Old Grannis bought this at the sale only to give it back to them as a present.

Locoweed: McTeague's mule eats some of this plant, which causes it to become crazy.

Sponge Gold: Mats of sponge gold were stolen by Maria every once in a while to sell to Zerkow.

Dress: Trina wore a black dress the first time that she met McTeague.

Hairbrush: While McTeague stayed in Trina's room at the Sieppes, he admires her hairbrush.

Places in McTeague- Streets:

Polk Street: Location of the car conductor's coffee joint and the apartment in which McTeague, Old Grannis, Marcus, Miss Baker and Maria lived.

B Street Station: Location of the Sieppe residence.

Washington Street: Street where Trina would wash the building steps for money.

Pacific Street: Location of the school where Trina served as caretaker.

Sutter Street: Street in which Miss Baker and Trina would take walks.

Locations in San Francisco:

Cliff House: Restaurant / Bar where Marcus would take Trina for picnics.

Schuetzen Park: Location of a picnic for the Sieppes, Marcus, and McTeague.

Frenna's: Location of an ugly dispute between McTeague and Marcus. This was where they would go to drink.

Mining Locations:

Big Dipper Mine: Mine in Placer County where McTeague grew up and his father worked. McTeague went there and got a job for a short time after murdering Trina.

Morning Star Mine: Mine that McTeague passes.

Delmue's Cabin: Cabin in Cold Canyon where McTeague would buy illegal whiskey.

Death Valley: Area where McTeague escapes after he feels that he is being pursued. The book ends here.

Money Money Money Money Money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

5000 Amount that Trina won in the lottery

407.50 Total amount that Trina saved.

400 Amount kept in a little brass match safe in the bottom of Trina's trunk.

200 Amount that Trina saved.

130 Amount made in the sale of the furniture.

75 Amount that Trina said that she had saved.

70 Amount that Trina told McTeague that they made in the furniture sale.

50 Amount that the Sieppes requested from Trina.

35 Monthly rent for the house that McTeague leased.

25 Amount that Trina sent the Sieppes.

11 Amount that the music store demanded for the concertina.

5 Amount that The Other Dentist paid for the gold tooth.



Dentist Not permitted to practice