Color Symbolism

Item / Person Place Color

Jordan Baker's eyes Grey

Buchanan's Room Crimson

Daisy and Jordan's girlhood White

Light from Buchanan's Green

Wilson's Gas Station Yellow

T.J. Eckleburg's eyes Blue

George Wilson's eyes Blue

Myrtle Wilson's dress Wilson's Garage Blue

Myrtle Wilson's dress New York City Brown

Myrtle Wilson's taxicab New York City Lavender

Catherine's hair Red

Myrtle Wilson's dress Her apartment Cream

Chauffeur Delivering invitation Robin's Egg Blue

Nick Carraway Gatsby's Party White

Gatsby's Car Visit to Wolfsheim Cream

Gatsby's Suit Visit to Wolfsheim Caramel

Daisy's Dress Jordan's memory of 1917 White

Gatsby's Suit Meeting with Daisy White flannel suit

Silver Shirt

Gold tie

Daisy's Hat Meeting with Gatsby Lavender

Gatsby's Coat Meeting with Dan Cody Blue

Jordan and Daisy's Dresses Visit with Gatsby at Buchanan's White

Gatsby's Car Visit to New York Yellow

Glow from Daisy's Room After Myrtle has been killed Pink

Gatsby's Suit After Myrtle has been killed Pink