Black ice

objects summary

Alarm Clock: Lorene had broken two by throwing them against the wall.

Angel Statue: Commemorating the war, this was a white marble statue of an angel and a white soldier.

Baton: Lorene missed her baton, a memorable of public school which she could not take to St. Paul's.

Black Underwood Typewriter: Mrs. Evans gave Lorene a typewriter when she was eleven. It was her first typewriter.

Blood on the Sun: This was a James Cagney movie that was intended as anti-Japanese propaganda but instead caused Lorene's father to want to study judo.

Bottled Water: Lorene drank this during the reunion, because she no longer drank alcohol.

Buoyancy Experiment: This was Lorene's third grade science project, which won third place in her age group in the city. It was almost derailed by a difficult, possibly racist teacher.

Butter: When Lorene goes to get butter, the broiler man goes after her.

CC and Water: This is what Lorene orders on her date with Booker.

Christmas Trees: Lorene's story for her essay is about a Christmas tree.

Cigarettes: Lorene's mother changes brands; Jimmy Hill steals them from a store.

Citroen sedan: Late-model station wagon, literally a lemon, that the Cary's drove.

Clock: The clocks in Lorene's house were always fifteen minutes fast, causing them to rush and be confused.

Czechoslovakian Crystals: Last of the fine cameo glass to come out of there before the Communists took over, it was as beautiful as anything in St. Paul's. It was Nana Hamilton's.

Deodorant: Fumiko's Puerto Rican date didn't have any, so Lorene's mother sprays some around him.

Diamond Pendant Necklace: Ricky gives this to her. She throws it away.

Dynamics of Faith: Book by Paul Tillich that Lorene is required to read for Religion class.

Electric Blanket: Lorene was afraid to sleep under live electric wires, but was forced to because of the cold. It immediately warmed her.

Five-Dollar Bill: Mrs. Burrows gave Lorene a five-dollar bill for graduation.

Girdle: Lorene packed one of her mother's girldes, and attempted to hide it from her.

Ice: Lorene and her parents almost fall on the ice during their initial visit.

Jane Fonda's Book: This is the only thing that Lorene read to prepare her to teach aerobics.

Knee Socks: Lorene and her mother fight about knee socks. Lorene wants to wear stockings; her mother wants her to wear the classic knee socks.

Liniment: Great-Grandfather's room smelled of this.

Mayonnaise: India and Lorene bond over mayonnaise and crackers during Lorene's first triumph of love over race.

Native Son: Lorene thinks of the scene in Native Son where the two boys look at an airplane and say that only white boyus could fly.

Nun: Lorene saw a nun in a movie who said, "I have hread the words of our Lord God until my eyes burned like the very fires of hell. Why should God choose you?"

Peanut Butter: Mrs. Starr feeds her toddler peanut butter during the information session. This shocks Lorene and her mother, because peanut butter is supposed to be for poor white trash.

Peugeot: Lorene's father's old car, which she drove to work every day.

Photograph: Ricky sent Lorene's mother a framed photo of him and Lorene for Mother's Day.

Pina Coladas: A girl made pina coladas in a blender before Seated Meal. It was also the drink of her grandmother.

Salve Mater: The St. Paul's salve mater had 'gracious' and 'bright' worshippers and dominions, princedoms, and powers to praise God, while the rest of the world got little, in Lorene's eyes.

Skis: Lorene saw Sara's skis leaned against the refrigerator, and they made Lorene reflect on what she hadn't accomplished.

Sonnet 64: Shakespearean poem that made Lorene think about Sara's skis, and which came to mind when her friend told her about her abortion., and also when she returned for the anniversary weekend.

The Spook that Sat by the Door: Story about a murderous token black that Lorene enjoyed because she was attracted to the protagonist's rage.

Standard Time: SPS did not switch to Standard Time until Sunday night, a metaphor for arrogance.

Tea Dances: These were St. Paul's Schools functions before co-education that were 'awful.' They conjured up conflicting images for Lorene.

Teddy-Bears: sepia-colored human-sized bears that would leer at Lorene in a recurring nightmare. They warned her to beware of slipping into friendship.

White Dog: Great-grandfather told a story about a white dog that he threw a stick at.

Willard Scudder Portrait: This hung over the kitchen table in Scudder House. Lorene believes that Willard Scudder would be shocked that a black girl would be there.

Wombats: Students referred to the mentally retarded people who worked with the kitchen staff as wombats.