A Doll's House: Important Quotes

Nora Helmer

"Today I won't be selfish. Today I'll think only of you." (to Mrs. Linde)

"Believe me, we've had nothing to be extravagant with. We've both had to work."

"Maybe I'll see the ocean again! Oh, yes, yes! - it's wonderful to be alive and happy"

"It's not at all in my power to help you." (to Krogstad)

"Corrupt my little children - ! Poison my home - ?"

"Well, it's a funny expression. As if something was going to happen."

"Then you are to witness that that's not so, Kristine. I am not beside myself."

"When it has to be, it's better it happens without words."

"This is a settling of accounts."

"A hundred thousand women have done so."

Torvald Helmer

"My squirrel bustling about?" (about Nora)

"You're always looking for ways to get money, but as soon as you do it runs through your fingers."

"Most often mothers. But of course fathers tend to have the same influence." (about morality, Krogstad)

"He and I are on a first-name basis. . . Rather, he seems to think it entitles him to be familiar with me."

"My dearest Nora, you're dancing as if it were a matter of life and death."

"Am I not to look at my most precious possession? All that loveliness is mine, nobody's but mine, all of it mine."

"You have loved me the way a wife ought to love her husband. You just didn't have the wisdom to judge the means."

"The most wonderful?"

Dr. Rank

"I don't want him there. Under no circumstance. I'll close my door to him."

"My poor, innocent spine is suffering from my father's frolics as a young lieutenant."

"-And not to leave behind as much as a poor little token of gratitude, hardly a brief memory of someone missed, nothing but a vacant place that anyone can fill."

"Nora, do you think he's the only one?"

"You are a riddle to me. It has often seemed to me that you'd just as soon be with me as with Helmer."

Kristine Linde

"No, not relief. Just a great emptiness."

"That's the worst thing about my situation: you become so bitter."

"But tell me, is he quite sincere."

Nils Krogstad

"I was sitting in Olsen's restaurant when I saw your husband go by."

"The law doesn't ask motives."

"The whole thing can be settled quite amicably. Nobody has to know."

"What happened was perfectly commonplace. A heartless woman jilts a man when she gets a more attractive offer."

"Only hysterical females go in for that kind of high-minded self-sacrifice."

- ?"

"Well, it's a funny expression. As if something was going to happen."